by Kirby Urner

Comprehension is frustrated by our misconditioned seeking for the instatic synopsis viewpoint, or call it the search for Instant Universe which, once conceived, could be some desk-top model, like an astrolabe, that is IT! Instead, comprehension comes with patient application of operational terms associated with very generalized assortments of desk-top items: polyhedrons, marbles, models constructed from paper, wood and thread. MIND brings light to the workspace. But first, brain must get out of the way by placing itself in a subordinate position. This happens out of acceptance and recognition of the importance of non-simultaneity of Universe events meaning: the discrete quantum special-case experiences with desk-top items needed to inter-associate to create comprehensible models of great metaphysical integrity occur "out of order" and wildly scattered in linear duration. MIND orders the sewn in harvested packages thick with demonstrations of principles. For example: Synergetics 522.00 develops our conception of the deliberately non-straight line. )recall: the WWII airplane dogfight (522.23). )recall: the setting Sun (522.21).

With acceptance of non-simultaneity comes a willingness to strike out in new directions with only the stars to steer by. We trust INTUITION enough to embark on altogether new scenario adventures. Like the boy scout with his trusty pocket knife setting forth into Jungle, so our new era cosmologist space-case plunges into Universe armed with a plastic tetrahedron and a bag of marbles. Jungle = Universe (in this system anyway). What unknown wonders lurk here? The jungle boy knows that Jungle teaches Jungle's way. Boy does not tell Jungle how to teach. Jungle sends boy a Snake, boy better be ready. Jungle sends boy a Lion, boy better be ready. Ready to run! Ready to climb tree! Operational mathematics is swinging around in the IVM rain forest. Chattering monkeys. Hoot. Caw. Grrrrrr.

522.00 ends this way: 522.36 Our method of demonstrating the nature of the special-case experiences out of which the pure mathematicians' imaginary generalized case of his pure straight lines was evolved, also contains within it the complete gears-interlocking of quantum-wave mechanics and vectorial geometry, which are coordinately contained in synergetics with computer binary "bitting." Interpretation: it's all here, you just have to already comprehend what you're reading to get that, and it takes time to develop all the resonant associative ripple-abilities to over-horizon loci to differentiate the frequencies all partially overlapping yet encoded with the jungle village drum beats of so many many tribes. 522.00 refers to Heisenberg and Pythagoras.

In other words: the generalized concept of "most economical" is an operational concept meaning that you SHOW what you mean by doing it as demonstrably as you can. Featuring the concept is only sign to the reader. The principles emphasized in 522.00 are present throughout Synergetics. But we proceed from operational scenario to operational scenario wherein concepts get produced, refined, honed, in an 'associative environment. Our ability to )recall... while also tracking now is our ability to tune-in characteristic frequency bands which may or may not overlap or coincide with experiences that others are having. Reading in Synergetics by R. Buckminster Fuller is a unique experience because Dr. Fuller is deliberately producing full-spectrum relevance as this is provided by all scenarios in synergetics working together in tensive relationships even while Instant Universe never appears. Readers still looking for Instant Universe are likely to come away dissatisfied. "Shortest most economical deliberately non-straight line to what end?" they ask? "To what Temple in the Jungle Heart do we bring this sacrifice of our time and labor?" Moaning and pouting. Meanwhile, all the world is out before you. Jungle is never tired of Jungle boys and Jungle girls. Always new things to show you. Look! What's this? Boy whips out his plastic tetrahedron and gets an answer. Actually, we need holographic tetrahedrons. Any catalog got those?

REVIEW: students reading IBM System Manuals sometimes complain that each section is oh so clear and detailed about the item the section is about, but each section presumes you completely comprehend every other section and so the whole System never seems clear. Synergetics students can counsel: relax, it will all gradually start to make sense...have patience! (You should look at what we have to read!).

IBM is still working on its System. You never finish it. So if you take the time to study the System Manuals, you may well come to a position wherein you can contribute to the Operating System itself. Same with Synergetics. In the meantime, become familiar with the most important operational concepts, the principles that instruct their use, and the special-case demonstrations that really show the stuff in action. Manual readers need a computer terminal close by with ready access to mainframes and OS managers standing by to clarify and explicate. OS managers are students themselves somewhat further along in mastery. Jungle says: you all are students. Teacher is the Jungle itself. Herself. Himself. Ussssssssnake!! Were you ready? Or caught sleeping?

524.03 All of our experiences are periodically terminated: the termination characterizes both the physical and the metaphysical aspects of our observing faculties and the observed phenomena. There are no experimentally known continuums. Physics has found no "solids." We have only awake or asleep.

You take it from here. Love, Kirby.

© 1984, 1988, 1997 Global Data

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