from Fig 411.05

This is a suggestion for student projects, perhaps leading to animations on Youtube or other video clips archive.

from a Lightning Talk at Linus Pauling House (August 2010)

from Fig. 990.01

Having a tetrahedron serve as unit volume means any positive integer N to the 3rd power is modeled by a corresponding tetrahedron of edges N.

Earthlings and Martians share a terraforming project to build a large dam somewhere. They each contribute concrete in "units of volume" but these units are different.

The Martians and Earthlings both calibrate the "scaffolding" (space-filling skeletons) using the Radius and/or Diameter of a ball.

The Earthlings build cubes of edges R, and call this unit.

The Martians build tetrahedra of edges D, and call this a unit.

What conversion constant will the Earthlings need, to convert their volumes into Martian volumes.

Click here for further discussion (mathfuture). Spoiler alert: conversion constant given.