Next Two Shows: Feb 20th & 27th, 2005
In USA: 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain & 5pm Pacific
Most of Europe: Monday Morning 02:00 (00:00 UTC)
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The next two weeks James will be driving throughout the Southwest USA. The next two shows will be pre-recorded, but not re-broadcasts. These are new shows and will be broadcast LIVE! The Phone Lines will not be active, but, the IBC Chat Room will be open.
Feb 20th - Featured Guests:


Michael Sunanda

Kirby Urner

Dr. Rita Louise:
"Is Man's Next Step Like Potted Meat?" (60 mins)

Michael Sunanda & Kirby Urner
"The Great Pirates: Past and Present" Michael and Kirby discuss the great pirates of the past, their qualities and who the current "pirates" are, and how they "measure up" to their forefathers. (120 mins)

Michael's WebSite- Kirby's Website

Feb 27th - Featured Guests:

Danyel Seagan

Brian Vike

Danyel Seagan- Danyel has been on F2F before and explained how he had contact with "Multi-Dementional Beings" (Check the Archives to listen to other shows). We talk more on their conversations, and also focus on their relationship with "The Illuminate" (150 mins)

Brian Vike- Everyone's favorite UFO investigator checks in for a "Best Of" session of some of his favorite cases (30 mins)



The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1962)

The Earth is thrown off is rotation and begins moving toward the Sun. It is a well acted/scripted film on the evolution of the outrageous claim which eventually becomes accepted as reality, and how people centered around a newspaper deal with it. In today's "Planet X" climate, this is about as real as it gets in dealing with the trauma/drama. (Buy the DVD)


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Future Guests/Shows/Books/Videos:

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