Giant Waterman Polyhedra:
Convex Hulls in the IVM

by Kirby Urner
Originally posted: January 16, 2001
Last modified: January 16, 2001

Captions N = 2nd power of maximal vertex distances from origin in a ccp sphere packing (ccp = ivm)
Vertex color coding: N, N-1, N-2, N-3, N-4


Generated using Python + Povray + Qhull by Kirby Urner

Python source code as text and/or HTML view (colorized)

Steve Waterman defined and studied this series of polyhedra -- I got some models in the mail!
A related class of polys include the N vertices only

Steve has many more Watermans on display (made with the same software)

Beginning of Waterman Series

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